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«Chanting is a source of joy and a beautiful way to celebrate life and human potential. Chanting together in a circle connects us to a timeless and sacred space where we can heal, meditate, transform and create».

Vocal Mandala

Voice Workshop with Carolina Chrem

Mandala Vocal

This workshop is an invitation to find and develop the unique and natural voice of each individual and experience the strength and joy of singing together.

We explore our voice singing mantras, indian scales, vocal rhythms, african songs and rhythms, circle songs and spontaneous vocal improvisation.

“Carolina´s workshop is a wonderful opportunity to explore, play and enjoy. I find myself learning from experience, from singing, from listening to others and from daring to try in a relaxed atmosphere where everyone is welcome to share and participate. Carolina is a very generous and creative teacher who knows how to transmit her profound love and knowledge of music” – Victoria Arregui

To listen to the cds Ritual de Voces 1&2, 2009 and 2011 (Voice Ritual) that emerge from her workshops that include world music, vocal improvisation and circle music, follow this link.

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Vocal Indian Music Workshop with Carolina Chrem

Taller música India

Indian Music is a constant prayer, a bridge between heaven and earth.

It´s vast universe of transcendental rhythms and melodies are full of color, emotion and devotion.
Mantras and devotional songs are sacred words that invoke ancient deities in various manifestations and qualities. Every word is very deep and complex and may contain within it a whole story, a truth, a powerful energy. The repetition of these words and melodies bring awareness and wellness, awakening in us the divine and allowing our heart and soul to become more present and experience the sacred in the world.

This workshop is an invitation to meditate through the sound of our voice and ancient chants from India. We will learn scales, vocal rhythms, sargam, mantras and devotional songs. Kirtan Celebration!!!

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