English - Carolina Chrem

Vocalist, composer, musician and producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Inspired in Indian classical and devotional music, mantras, african grooves, and other World Music expressions she composes her own original melodies with deep messages that invite us to awaken our consciousness and to connect with the sacred inside ourselves, nature and the universe.

With her hypnotic voice and soulful lyrics, she leads the listener through a timeless experience, a journey to the depth of being, awakening to the powerful and joyful essence of music.

In the last two years she recorded El Regalo del Presente ,2012 (The gift of the present) and Trance Ancestral, 2010 (Ancestral Trance) where she softly weaves east and west , ancient and contemporary, heaven and earth, in original compositions, creating a powerful fusion.

Carolina also directed and produced the cds Ritual de Voces 1&2, 2009 and 2011 (Voice Ritual) that emerge from her workshops that include world music, vocal improvisation and circle music.

She participated as a composer and vocalist in 8 tracks of Chill out Cd : Buddha Sounds also known as Chill in India-Warner 2002, and performed as a world music vocalist in many scenes.

In her live shows she creates a colorful and harmonic atmosphere with a variety of sounds and instruments like Indian tabla, darbuka, udu drum, bass, violin, guitar and harmonium, among others, played by talented musicians.

As a teacher and voice facilitator she has been teaching workshops for more than 15 years experiencing devotional music, mantra, circle music and spontaneous improvisation as a sacred space for meditation, transformation, healing, creating community and enhancing joy and human potential.

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